The success and failure of a business usually comes down to its employees. Nowadays, a company of any size does not only value intelligence. Information can always be taught.

The most knowledgeable companies hire on future success and heavily weigh personality when determining the most apt employees. Regardless of industry, age, or gender, all ideal employees share some common traits. Below are a few of them:

Strong work ethic

When interviewing an employee, it important to know if they are capable of setting and achieving goals for themselves. A reliable person follows through with all promises. To find out the reliability of a candidate, find out more about their professional background and what they achieved in their previous work. Candidates who set high goals for themselves, or respond well to stretch goals from supervisors, indicate a willingness to do more than clock in and clock out every day.


When it comes to finding good employees, hiring managers often look for candidates who can work effectively with little to no direction. Supervisors should not spend an abundant amount of time proofing work, micromanaging and dealing with heightened stress levels, which is why candidates should be able to take initiative and get work done by their enthusiasm and interest alone.


This trait is what makes a company innovative, and it’s what leads to creative ideas and generates candor and openness amongst employees. Employees that want to further their careers will also improve the organization along with them.


Being flexible at work is a necessity for both the employee and employer. An employee must be able to adjust to the dynamics at the workplace. Are they willing to pick up new skills and adjust to shifting goals? If your applicants can demonstrate flexibility, you can be confident they’ll adapt easily to their new work environment.

Effective communicator

Ideal employees will understand the importance of good communication, and just how badly things can go wrong when a message is unclear or missed altogether.


No one likes to work with someone who easily complains and stresses everyone out. You need people who will create and nurture a good working environment. One trait to look for in a candidate is their ability to acknowledge mistakes and still move forward in a positive way. This suggests they’ll be equally resilient in the workplace.


Your employee needs to be able to believe in himself and his decisions. Of course, one should be confident but not boastful. The most sought after employees shout their value not through their words, but rather through their work. Leadership begins with self-confidence, is molded by positive reinforcement and repetitive success.

At the end of the day, you as a manager can train an employee on your product or service, but good intrinsic qualities are harder to come by. Hiring for your business is very crucial, so try to be flexible on background requirements, but continue to be stringent on personality traits.