Engagement is a puzzle that many organizations constantly try to solve. In most cases, a lot of the pieces are missing. While 90% of executives understand the importance of keeping employees engaged, fewer than 50% understand how to address this issue. LiveWell is a software tool that can help business solve the employee engagement puzzle.

1. Corporate Culture
Organizations have trouble connecting employees to their mission, vision, and values.LiveWell’s platform is designed to be a communication tool for the employer, top management, and the workforce.
HR and engagement teams utilize Courses to help newly hired employees learn all about the company and undergo necessary training. The News feature is used by leadership to share important updates, emphasize goals, values, and overall corporate culture. Employees can share their own personal updates, share ideas with colleages, and communicate with coworkers they may not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with. The LiveWell platform allowed individual employees to feel that they are part of a bigger team.

2. Purposeful Programs
Most employers struggle to find effective engagement programs that employees enjoy but will also contribute to their mission.
The platform’s Library of Challenges contains extensive programs that range from categories in lifestyle, nutrition, corporate social responsibility, and more that are easily customizable to adapt to the goals and values of the organization. Engagement program officers can find out which programs are hitting the mark by gathering feedback from the users through the Survey feature.

3. Two-way Communication
Important messages and updates from management to employees get lost among too many communication tools. Similarly, the workforce have difficulty cutting through the noise and sharing their opinions and needs.
Surveys allow leadership to source ideas and feedback easily from the employees. It’s the easiest way for the team to contribute and make themselves heard. This fosters bottom-up communication that helps the organizations tailor their programs and benefits to specific needs of the employees.

4. Measurement
Engagement programs are hard to measure, and not all of them work for every organization.The LiveWell platform enables engagement officers to get complete visibility into each engagement campaign through the Dashboard Analytics feature. Through our analytics dashboards, owners can see what campaigns are most effective, and access employees’ needs and interests to better serve their workforce.

5. Performance Management
In largely populated organizations, top management often experience difficulties with ensuring regular check-ins and aligning the direction of each employee to match the company’s goals.

With the Sessions feature, managers can schedule regular one-on-one meetings with their employees, providing an opportunity for them to collaborate and connect on a more deeper leave, by showing them ow their work contributes to the overall success of the company. This allows each individual to feel fully supported by the management and create a culture that values open communication.

LiveWell is a software tool that allows businesses to communicate their culture, digitize the corporate well-being experience, and integrate HR initiatives. A winner of the 2017 Digital Solution of the Year Award by the French Chamber of Commerce, the LiveWell platform enables organizations to drive communication, improve participation, and measure results for data-driven decisions.