What is an Intranet and why do you need one?

Ever felt how challenging it is to communicate efficiently in the workplace? E-mails often get buried, company event invites don’t get responded to, policies and updates are not received and acknowledged, neverending access issues to file uploads and document management systems…it’s a real challenge indeed

Also, organizational structures today allow employees to work away from the office, in remote locations with team members from different places. This makes smooth and productive communication very strenuous and difficult to achieve.

What if there was a way to get everyone to connect, communicate efficiently and more openly in one cost-effective place?

Read on to know more about what an Intranet can do for you and your company.

Communication portal

An intranet can help you reach the right people, broadcast important updates, and allow bottom-up communication. You can cultivate your corporate culture by aligning the workforce to your mission, vision and values. Likewise, employees can share their mood and status updates.
There are many ways to get your message across. You can send a private message, talk to a specific group or team, announce company-wide news, all in one platform.

Venue for collaboration and project management

An intranet can facilitate better collaboration for you and your team. When you have numerous individuals sharing ideas, progress, and updates, it’s important to have a centralized location for all your information. That way, no one misses anything, and all pertinent documents are easy to find and extract.

Employees can create projects or teams with organized to-do lists, conversation threads, assign tasks to key personnel, and everyone who is part of the project can immediately be notified as soon as there is an update.

Feedback Facilitator

Listening to your workforce is the foundation of employee satisfaction and happiness. By gathering feedback, organizations leverage the opinion of their people on important policies and learn about issues that can be immediately solved before it leads to turnover.
This eliminates having to use another tool to conduct surveys, which can just cause confusion by leading employees to yet another third-party application. With an intranet, you can schedule a poll or survey to be released at any time or date, and it appears as soon as an employee logs in to the platform. Allowing a survey on an application that employees are already using for its other features can also ensure that they will participate in the survey.

Knowledge management

An intranet is more than a portal for communication and collaboration. It’s a library of important information! Stop digging through different applications, folders, and e-mail threads to get to that single file you need. From company policies and procedures, employee benefits, news articles, FAQS, training videos, newsletters, and even photos from organizational events, platform users can publish content, share it to the entire company, or just with a specific team.

Social networking

One of the most important things an intranet can do for your company is to connect people. In many occassions, employees and teams that work in different locations may cause misunderstanding and result to working in silo. Your intranet software can help close this communication gap by having all members of your organization easily accessible in one place.With the LiveWell platform, employees can find one another, learn more about each other, and share ideas and interests through the social feed.

Employee engagement

Everyone knows that the success of a business is greatly impacted by their employee’s satisfaction.
The LiveWell platform can integrate engagement activities and initiatives for everyone to access and join. Through a points-based system, these engagement challenges and sessions foster healthy competition, and can result to better productivity and lesser turnover. Employees can then use their points to purchase company-loaded prizes in the Rewards Shop.

Data analytics

All these integrated events, activities and their participation rates can be tracked through comprehensive graphs in the Dashboard Analytics. You can view an engagement snapshot of the organization at any given time, customize access rights and functionalities. Management can learn what motivates employees to be more productive and measure their collective outcomes, to improve bottom line results.

LiveWell is a collaborative intranet software that allows businesses to communicate their culture, digitize the corporate well-being experience, and integrate HR initiatives.A winner of the 2017 Digital Solution of the Year Award by the French Chamber of Commerce, the LiveWell platform enables organizations to drive communication, improve participation, and measure results or data-driven decisions.