THE CHALLENGE:Effectively cultivating company culture and communicating benefits and initiatives

A top call center headquartered in Australia offered numerous engagement and wellbeing services to its Philippine office employees– including an onsite medical clinic, annual physical exams, HR benefits and incentives, and other ancillary programs for its 1,200 staff. Despite this, the program had not taken hold among the management and workforce community. Moreover, they experienced disconnect among the employees, including a lack of engagement and retention problems.

THE SOLUTION:Streamlined communication through the LiveWell platform

In September 2016, the company added LiveWell to its employee well-being and engagement efforts. Its simple-to-use and straightforward platform allowed the management to immediately communicate any important updates to the employees. Insight on the workforce was easily gathered through the community-based social feed, where they shared status updates, comments, and other posts. The organization was able to create programs and benefits according to the needs of the employees by gathering vital information using the tool’s survey feature. Invitations to CSR events, corporate trainings and seminars were sent directly to concerned personnel via the LiveWell platform. By joining the session, employees were able to know more about the event, pre-register, see who else would be attending, invite more colleagues to come, and post pictures during and after the event. The tool assisted the organization in reaching one of their most important goals, which was to excite employees and engage them on a daily basis.

THE SOLUTION:HR investments that pay off

The company exceeded its LiveWell program expectations, hitting 72% participation in its first year.

LiveWell helped leaders efficiently communicate to employees, and give the workplace community an avenue to voice their ideas. With insight and data gathered using the platform, they were able to listen to employees’ needs, show that they are valued, and innovate their benefits and incentives program.

“LiveWell has proven to be exactly what the employees want, and what we need.” says Erwin Augustin, one of the Operations Managers – “It has significantly improved the engagement of the employees especially in my account. They constantly look forward to our activities and initiatives, and the most important thing is that they were able to interact with each other, even coming from different accounts. They have access to the portal of information for them to be able to learn more about what they can do in the workplace.”

They not only retained top employees, but increased productive outcomes to deliver a stellar customer experience, by first building a great employee experience.