Technology has changed the way we work. And it’s not just the way we work, it has changed the way we live and learn in today’s modern times.
More people are actively seeking flexible working and an increasing number of companies are willing to respond. In fact, the global mobile workforce is expected to rise from the current 1.45 billion to 1.87 billion by 2022 according to the Global Mobile Workforce Forecast Update.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Increasingly, work is something that people do, rather than a place to go to.

Technology creates bridges between office employees, mobile workers, and the customers. Mobile workforce management gives you the opportunity to use digital transformation to increase the efficiency of the business. In addition to this, below are the top five benefits of mobile workforce management:

Less absenteeism

The first thing WHY you should consider allowing your employees to work remotely is an ongoing challenge that a lot of employers struggle with: absenteeism. Having a mobile workforce means you are more likely to have employees attending work without absences. This leads to better meeting turnouts too.


Next on the list is Flexibility. It’s a way to empower employees to take more control over their schedule, allows people to work when they accomplish most, feel freshest, and enjoy working. (e.g. morning person vs. night person).This helps them manage other aspects in their personal lives, which will translate into higher levels of productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Reduce operating costs

This may require some training, but when properly implemented, it greatly increases efficiency and diminishes the need for a physical infrastructure that is required by a traditional office.You can build your team from around the world, it’s much easier to do that now with technology. Workflows, discussions, and collaborations can easily take place online.

Attract high-quality talent

The demand for flexible work is on the rise. Many qualified potential employees are looking for flexibility – companies who don’t offer it may be missing out on great talent. No office means the ability to work with anyone in the world. No office means the ability to work with anyone in the world.

Competitive Business

Agile working gives a competitive edge to your business. Response times decrease when a business has more flexible hours in which to operate.
While the concept introduces many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to having your employees work remotely. If you think that your organization is not ready to go 100% mobile, you can start by setting up schedules during the week for when to come to the office and when it’s okay to work from home. Consider the ability of your organization to transform, and your commitment to that transformation. Only then can you begin to take advantage of the aspects of agile working that suits your business’s needs.

Agile working not only helps the employees, it benefits a business’ bottom line too. The technology is here for your to successfully achieve efficiency, empower your individuals, and create a truly modern workplace. Use it to your advantage.