If you have an employee engagement strategy within your organization, chances are you also have a rewards and recognition program. Rewards, though an important component in corporate wellness and employee satisfaction, are often challenging for leaders to effectively implement.

We’ve come up with a short list of benefits that you can choose from and align to your organization’s culture and values. Ultimately, for a reward to be well-received, it needs to be beneficial to both the employee and the company.

1. Paid gym membership

Part of building an effective rewards strategy is to offer prizes that appeal to a wide variety of teams and individuals. If your organization advocates physical fitness and health, offer a fully-paid, year-round gym membership to recognize one of your top employees. Chances are, that person’s colleagues who really want a free gym membership will pick up good working habits and become more engaged for them to avail of the same reward.

You can use the LiveWell platform to upload all your corporate rewards, assign participation points to programs and events, and promote so that all your employees know why they should keep joining all your company initiatives and events.

2. All-expenses paid vacation

Many managers are apprehensive to pay for an all-expenses paid trip but think about how you can boost engagement and participation by using this as an annual reward for a few employees. Promote a year-long contest to reward the person with the most sales, or the best initiatives. This will not only boost your revenues, but it will foster healthy competition too.

The leaderboard displays the ranking of your top users with the highest points on the LiveWell corporate wellness platform. You can assign points to each activity or event, and the more employees participate, the more points they can earn.

3. Office massages

Using office massages as an incentive works because it’s a perk they already want. Employees love massages, especially if it’s free and done during work hours. Not only is it a great motivator, it also reduces stress and tension.

Allow your employees a few minutes once a week to take a break from the monotony and bounce back to work more energetic than ever.

4. Charitable donations

Working with charities and organizations has been known to contribute to overall employee satisfaction and boost morale. It has a favorable impact on how they rate their pride in the company, and their willingness to recommend it to others as a good place to work. If one of your employees is passionate about helping people, reward them by getting your organization to donate to a cause that is important to them.

5. Training and development

One of the main reasons an employee would leave a company is because they no longer see themselves growing or gaining new skills. Sending your best workers to a seminar or educational activity not only gives the message that you care to invest in their personal development, but it is also a chance for them to share their knowledge to their team and use it to improve your business’ product and services.

Want to know how you can make your employees happier? You can also schedule a survey to run in the platform and see which benefits are working and what they would like to see more of. It’s a great way to leverage important feedback for boosting participation and productivity.

Ultimately, a good rewards and recognition program entails listening to your employees and understanding what drives employees to stay committed each time they come to work.